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Over the years, Cuchillas Castillo has built a culture of service, teamwork, and most importantly, innovation. With an exceptionally diverse staff and an average tenure of ten years, we are proud that professionals choose us.

We are a group of more than 30 professionals sharing a corporate culture based on collaboration and teamwork.

There is no better benchmark for success than customer satisfaction. Passion, innovation, honesty, and customer orientation are the main characteristics of the Cuchillas Castillo team.

Antonio Sáez del Castillo, CEO

Antonio Sáez Del Castillo

At Cuchillas Castillo, we value a culture of collaboration and service. We are passionate about serving our customers to the fullest, while we grow, learn and continuously innovate. With competencies in multiple industries, we offer our customers a wide range of top-quality products.
Leader in the production of industrial blades
More than 20 manufacturing patents owned
Expert in industrial manufacturing

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Year after year, multiple industries recognize Cuchillas Castillo as a leader in quality, service, and innovation. We are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of customized cutting and recycling solutions.
Anabel Molina
Director of Operations and Purchasing

«No quality is as valued in our human teams as the orientation to our boss, the customer.».
Jordi Escoda
Sales Director

«The only way to generate value for the customer is to know in detail each and every one of their needs.».
Jose Luis Escoda
Regional Manager: Spain and Portugal

«Our main asset is having a portfolio of customers who trust us. We know that this trust is hard to earn.».
Paula Marco
Finance Manager

«Good financial management is crucial to optimize our customer service through good delivery times…»
Álex Benet
Director of Marketing and Strategy

«Although we have a global orientation as a company philosophy, our challenge is to provide effective responses to each market.».
Chelo Climent
Direct Marketing Manager

«Expanding the channels of communication with our customers helps us to have a closer presence and to improve our service.».

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