Sharpening quality

The performance of the machine, depends largely on the good condition of the blades, worn or poorly sharpened blades, significantly reduce production and significantly increase energy consumption. Keeping the blades in good condition will help you reduce both energy and maintenance costs. As manufacturers we are, the sharpening of your blades is done with all the guarantees so that the blades are as new, using adequate cooling, obtaining a dimensional uniformity of all the blades and an exact sharpening neither more nor less than necessary.




Thanks to our management system, we can facilitate the traceability of the sharpening of your blades, so that at all times you can know the status of the blades, the sharpeners they still have and the total cost throughout their useful life of the same.

We facilitate the sharpening of your blades in just 72 hours throughout the peninsula, just call us and our logistics department will take care of the rest. Both the collection and delivery is paid freight.