The first production step is to select the best and most suitable materials and grades of metal for each type of knife. We work with the most reliable steel manufacturers in the world. We dispose of more than 150 tons of steel in our warehouse to ensure that our customers can receive the delivery on time.


We work with automatic band saws, 4 machining centers and CNC lathes, which allow us to carry out production process without delays in order to meet the needs of our customers as quickly as possible.


At the factory we use 3 vacuum furnaces for hardening, tempering and annealing metal, which allows us to provide individual heat treatment of components for each customer, achieving by that the perfect balance between hardness, flexibility and toughness of steel, obtaining the maximum productivity of knives.


When the blade is milled and hardened, we proceed to the process of rectification and sharpening of the knife, using the innovated equipment of the market.


After completion of the manufacturing process, each knife is subjected to strict quality control to ensure that all dimensions and hardness are correct.


Once the quality of the product is checked, we mark each product with its own identification number, production date, customer’s logo and other necessary information.